san juan weekend part ii

We hoped for a nice day with nice waves. It was okay. For me, at least. No big waves is fine since I don't know how to swim. ;)

backpacker's bed

My friend Anna shot the first half of photos since I was in the water. She was awesome.

My first stance and people started walking in the scene. Right. My photographer was furious.

It was scary. The knowing that you WILL fall in the water and might be stung by the tiny, white, almost-invisible, blobbing jellyfishes lurking in the water like mad. That's why we were so wrapped with the rashie and leggings. Good thing we brought some.

The feeling of falling and not knowing if you'll survive, even in a water so shallow, is nerve-wrecking. I mean even if everybody tells you it's going to be okay, you will not be hit by the board (if you jump to the right direction), you will not wrap your neck with the leash (cause it's just too short for that), and even if all of the people tell you every bit of reassurance that you're going to be fine, you don't want to believe. Cause you haven't tried. You haven't experienced. You don't know yet. And that's where I found myself short of believing the magic of faith.

You will try because you know you want it, you're just scared. You will try it because you're there, and even if you have a choice not to push through, you will, because you want it. You want it because you want it. It's in your heart. And it takes courage to do things that you want afraid. A courage bigger than yourself. That's where faith comes in.

You don't have to know it all, have it all, to be perfect, to be perfectly happy, to be perfectly beautiful. Sometimes, you just have to let things be, and have faith that you will know, that you will have, that you will be happy. You have to try, and it takes faith to try.

Me and my strict trainer, whom I have failed, sort of. He lost hope for me the whole training until 10 minutes before time. Hahaha!
Surfer girl glides...
Surfer girl paddles...
Surfer girl air jumps...
Surfer girl gracefully balances...
And balances...
Surfer girl does it.
River, Luke Landringan's buddy
And he found his love, also 9 years old.
You should've seen her alien face.

The weekend was just the rest that I needed. Sleep, bum, beach, a new thing to try, and a friend always to complete the adventure.