san juan weekend part i

My friend and I decided to go to an impromptu trip to Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union this May. We were excited, and me, a little frightened to ride on waves -- to surf. I don't know how to swim, or even ride a bike, so I think it's a natural reaction. :) Little did we know, or did we research that there were no waves that particular weekend. Well, for me, this is okay -- I won!

We booked at Lola Nanny's, a humble surf retreat in front of the beach. Many book because it's relatively cheap. And also it's known in the area as Lola Nanny is the mother of the star surfer Luke Landrigan. (Or is it a rumor? I'm not really sure, though.)

The funny thing about it is that we booked via SMS. Yes, we just texted with Lola Nanny. It even came to the point that we said we'll be arriving early, so she said, she will leave the keys on top of our room's A/C. Dealing with her is simple and direct, and it rocked. :)

Our "surf" photos will be on  part ii. Here are our photos when we were beach-bumming.

people out here have super tanned skin, brown curls, and brown eyes. maybe because of the sun.
super hot sand
the foreigner couple who did not fall in line and got away with it at our bus terminal in pasay
old dog
afternoon glow
sisig for dinner

And oh, we watched Breaking Bad afterwards. It was so sick.