expat explore balkans: athens, greece

Here we go! After four months, I've finally finished this series. So glad I'm able to share this before the year ends.

Last August, I spent my second summer in Europe, but this time exploring the hot and sunny Balkan region. I've not been in every country in Western and Central Europe, but I felt the need to take a break and see what's on the other side--the Balkans did not disappoint!

I spent a day on my own before I went with the group tour. I met up with Darya in the morning and we roamed around the area of the Acropolis taking photos. I was recovering from colds but I went up the Acropolis in the afternoon. I started trekking up at around 4PM but it was still so, dang hot. 

Went down before sunset and met with Darya again. We hiked up Filoppapou Hill (also Philoppapos Hill) and witnessed sunset with the Parthenon from afar, definitely recommended.

  • PLEASE, bring a bottle of water.
  • Wear shoes with good soles. I saw many people slip on the marbles.
  • If you have time, visit the Acropolis Museum.