firsts and two

Once upon a time, I graduated from college. I still took the summer off after graduation, just to prolong the feeling of being a student and adjust to the freedom of time when you don't go to school. That didn't take long though, because I couldn't take not doing anything and you know that feeling that you should be working and all that is nagging you. I started planning my options and my itineraries to give out my CV. To cut it short, being twenty and fresh out in the real world, I followed my mindset of being practical and safe and went with my second choice which is hotels. It is home to my dad who's also a hotelier despite my communication arts college degree. I got lost along roads, walking and walking, handing out my creds to stranger guards in back doors. I went to interview after interview with hundreds of young people searching for directions. One day I gave up trying too hard and found myself reading a text message for an interview that would bring me two years after to who I am and where I am now.

I couldn't believe that I've celebrated my 21st and 22nd years with this little but amazing team. The ones who made tough times bearable, every challenge an experience, and every tiresome day fun. They taught me everything that I know in the industry. They taught me how to speak on the phone (like a real girl), to have the hotel stance (hands across your lap please), how to put makeup on (the older sister I never had), what to do with a bad situation (like a boss), how to deal with the real deal (brave face on). Not to mention they took me to lots of culinary must-tries (thus my weight gain, haha, kidding). They inspired me to travel. These guys helped me through growing up and going through a lot, and the truth is I'm going to miss them to the skies despite nothing and everything. Thank you for accepting my corny-ness, boyishness, and geeky-ness. Believe it or not, you're a freedom pill. Thank you for the friendship.

My job. I learned to love my job. Every one of it. Sometimes I find myself being maternal and protective of it, that I care too much once I let one go. I found myself praying for the one person who will take care of it and make it flourish when I go. Hopefully, she is the one. ;)

This two-year experience is a life-changer. It made me realize a lot of things about myself, my dreams, my goals. It allowed to meet new people who will be difficult to let go. Even though it's not my first choice, it gave me the light that I needed to pursue my heart, the knowledge and wisdom to be confident in the world we live in, the courage to be braver, and the attitude to be hopeful and better, and it gave me the boost to choose to be naive again, have faith, and embrace the change that has already been rolling.

So to my amazing first job of two years, all my love and thanks.


You may find some of my writings about my job hunt, the first days at work, and some ramblings in the links below. I've read some and I definitely had fun (and some cringing, like OMGEE what have I been thinking!) looking back. :)

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Photo above courtesy of my fifi, Mariza Rimando :)