iceland: day 4 - snaefellsnes peninsula, kirkjufell mountain, and djupalonssandur

Another day of long drive, five hours this time. We didn’t have much planned for the itinerary this day simply because the places up in the north have long distances in between. We only planned to see the iconic Kirkjufell Mountain in the Snaefellsnes Peninsula and visit places inside it.

This mountain has been featured in Game of Thrones as the “North beyond the wall” where Jon Snow and his band—or squad, shall we?—went to catch a wight or White Walker as proof to show Westeros. They were attacked by a zombie bear and this was in the snowy background.

Kirkjufell or Church Mountain is flawless. It was fall when we came and you can see the greens mixing up with some orange and yellow wrapping the mountain up without a patch missed. You can see wild horses and a couple of sheep from the base munching on grass.

The falls or Kirkjufellfoss was on the other side of the road and to get that famous angle, you have to be on the falls side.

The light was so studio-like!

We stayed for a couple of hours and then we went to see the Djupalonssandur or Black Lava Pearl Beach. It was wild. From the parking, we passed by epic lava formations. Passing through these actually felt like you’re passing by someone else’s house, and we joked about trolls, and true enough when we researched, there were certain places that were needed to be respected cos they’re told to house elves. We’ll never know if it’s true but on this side of world, where nature still dominates, I’d like to be extra cautious.

That's not a mountain, that's a glacier in the background

On the beach we saw iron pieces and apparently they are wreckage from a trawler called Epine GY7 that washed up in the sea. It was on 13th March of 1948 that a blizzard swept the vessel of a group of fishermen. These pieces on the beach are protected and they are not to be moved manually in any way.

The waves were wild. They were hauntingly beautiful as if some mystical force beckons one to come closer. I tried, but not too close. The smooth, black stones go with the powerful waves, and when you stand closer, your feet kind of dips into the stones. That beach is so enchanting. It calls you somehow.

That night we stayed in the Peninsula and our cabin was a dream. It was in the middle of nowhere with no light pollution. And then we saw the auroras for the second time, more intense this time with the rare, orange light beaming, and we’re right smack in the middle of the colorful lights dancing and playing, over and over.

Of course we cried.

Little did we know, the whole of Iceland was covered in clouds that night. It was only our area that was spared. It still gives me goosebumps whenever I recall that. It was my birthday week, and there was nothing more I could ever possibly ask for.

We took photos in the cold until we couldn’t keep up with the lights anymore. They were just so jolly. Eyes tired, we slept in our cozy cabin, all fuzzy and warm with all the adventures we had.

Here are our travel videos! It's an understatement that we had a GRAND, AWESOME TIME!

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