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Iceland weather can be very tough. We even had a day when we were driving so slowly because the road was really slippery with ice and we needed to be careful. The winds can be seriously rough that you could hear it tap the car windows. Iceland is beyond wild, and we humans need to be ready so that we can enjoy it to the fullest.

Unfortunately, coming from the tropics, we don’t have much clothes for winter, not to mention the special Icelandic conditions. Here’s a quick list of the important items that I brought with me in October when it wasn’t that cold yet – Icelandic winter-cold yet anyway.

Important to wear something with wool or fleece lining cos it will be important for your ears. I bought one from Northface.

Bring big, warm scarves please.

Waterproof or water-repellent, windproof jacket with hood and pants
Very important since we did a “chasing waterfalls” itinerary plus there will always be a chance of drizzle in Iceland and umbrellas will be of no use. I only brought 2 with me; 1 bubble jacket + 1 waterproof jacket which I bought from the thrift shop (cos they’re SO expensive if you buy in Northface or Columbia and you’ll be using them for what, 2 days?). I bought water-repellent pants as well from the thrift shop. In Manila, Decathlon has an ample array of gear.

Anything with wool or fleece lining is preferred. A pair of touchscreen gloves will also give an advantage. Please don’t buy the Forclaz brand in Decathlon. It claimed it can be used for winter but it left our fingers cold.

Winter hiking boots
The one thing I have invested on last year. I bought a pair in Northface and they surely kept my toes warm and comfortable with all the walking and hiking. Decathlon also has winter boots for a lower cost.

Fleece thermals and socks
VERY, VERY IMPORTANT. We bought a couple from Uniqlo and Decathlon but the ones from the latter are definitely more effective. And they’re budget-friendly too. So for thermals you have long-sleeved tops, then you have tights and leggings. I did wear a 2 layers of tops, bottoms, and socks at some point in this trip.

I don’t usually wear these cos I like seeing true colors, but we needed it for the wind, and the snow and sun glare of course

Aptonia hand and body warmers are packets that can bring you a long way. Recommended, couldn’t go without!

My layers for the trip
Thermals (1 or 2 layers, up to you)
A warm knitted jumper/top
Pants (yes I wore denim on some days, waterproof pants the others)
Wool socks
Winter or waterproof jacket
Winter boots

A water-repellent or waterproof backpack
A dry bag
We went very near the falls and it kept my gadgets safe! Should bring one.

Swimsuit and hair scrunchies
For Blue Lagoon of course!

Tablet laptop
Memory cards and batteries
Travel adapter
Extension cord
With all the gadgets I bring with me, I always bring this one just to save up sockets using only 1 travel adapter.

Moisturizing lotion
Petroleum jelly
I do have sensitive skin so these items were essential to me especially during the trip. I brought enough amount of Aveeno lotion and a small jar of petroleum jelly to prevent my skin from cracking and drying up.


There you go! Some items that might help your upcoming trip to Iceland. Have a safe trip and keep warm! 😊


Here are our travel videos! It's an understatement that we had a GRAND, AWESOME TIME!

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