weekend high part ii

There's always something refreshing in doing what you love just for you. Writing for yourself brings healing. Photographing for yourself brings understanding. It always separates itself from what you do for others, for your clients or friends. I'm not encouraging greediness here, it's really not the point. What I mean is, and I hope you get it, is that, at some time in our lives, we will need to work for ourselves just to move on in life itself. We will need to do ourselves a favor and risk the mundane to be able to see things clearly and start living. I'm not saying to quit your job. Be wise. Be wise in your decisions. But always, always choose to follow your heart and do not delay, for where your heart is you will always the happiest, the most successful. Like a light bulb that sparks to life, it will come to you. You will know it.

This, my undergrad, twenty-year-old self speaking.

*Added watermarks. I'm still trying to figure out if I want to keep them.