cambodia part iii

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It was our last day. We didn't have any tours planned so we explored the town with our tuktuk driver, Dano. We visited the Old Market where we bought our souvenirs and trinkets for our family and friends back home. I bought a scarf which I really intended to buy out here. We went to eat at a traveler's choice restaurant named Blue Pumpkin and we were so full. Next, we visited a local monastery but there weren't any monks at that time, so we set out to visit two art places, first, the Diwo Gallery owned by a French man and his wife, a local named Sokha. It was very nice to meet her and to share stories with her like we knew each other. We went second to a tourist spot called Artisans d' Angkor which had so many workshops inside that I was really proud of for them. Afterwards, we hunted for noodles, thought we bought something not spicy and ended up like eating chili itself. We went back to the hotel to get ready and to the airport and we were back too soon. One month after, I haven't finished editing and sorting out pictures. Couldn't let go.

At Blue Pumpkin Old Market
We made her "lucky" that day.
Some scorpion/snake potion
A local monastery
Rough street that leads to the private Diwo Art Gallery deep in Siem Reap
Silk painting
Imagine strolling in the streets of Japan, munching on this *hopefully soon*