cambodia part ii

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I know it's cheesy but I'm still posting the the photo above. :) For the sole reason that I miss the adventure with the kindest guys I've ever met. The industrious and uncomplaining, the smiling faces of these people have made me love the land so much.

Here are our photos of our day two temple run. Hope you enjoy them. And please, go before they close the actual walk inside some of the temples. There are temples which posts have Sanskrit written on them that are now really starting to fade because of everyday "touch" by tourists. I think in a few years, they will be closed for public viewing inside or they will be stricter.

5AM walks for the famous sunrise that was too shy to show up. But witnessing a dark sky turning a lighter shade of blue bit by bit
against the five towers of Angkor Wat is almost a tearjerker.
Behind the scene photos by our budding tour guide photographer, Sony
White horse
Monkeys owning the street to the East Gate of Angkor Wat
Stories on walls. Makes me think that we people really do want ourselves to be heard. It's in our nature. It was just harder to communicate back then,
Stairway to heaven
Apsara dancers
A library among many.
With the monks
Battle stories
My fave shot of Ana and Sony :)
Bayon Temple. Spot the many faces of Buddha!
One of the many moats surrounding Cambodian temples
Favorite spot at Preah Khan
My favorite sky during the trip. We were walking, Anna and Sony far ahead, and it was just me, the ruins, the smell of rain, and this.
Teaching the shy men how to do jump shots Pinoy way! You must zoom in on Dano's face coz he was just trying it really  hard!
And the pizza who took my life. Bow.