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There's something beautiful in this side of the country. No, not the temples that were majestic once. Maybe. But there's something beautiful here, as in intrinsically beautiful. You will find dirt roads and poor communities, but there will always be the feeling that you are welcome, and you're welcome to stay for good mixed in its cool, less humid, June air. It's in the genuine smile of the people, the simplicity of it all. Man-made aesthetics gone and you see it clearly, that all you need in life is food, shelter, clothes, and your family. You will see that sometimes, you've lost so much time and energy and health in seeking too much provision for city living. That you've lost too much sleep just to say you're good employee. And I just stop and think, what has happened to the world? Where are the good, servant leaders who think of their followers and employees, who don't take lives for granted? Leaders who don't put themselves first? Leaders who worship and recognize God and puts Him in a place where no one can replace Him? Because here in this land, I was reminded that these temples... These temples were made so that the king and the people can worship a god whom they revere all their life. These temples were made because they wanted to put trust into something that is bigger than themselves, because they actually respect that they cannot know, that they cannot be everything. That they are limited. Yet they are free. And I think that's what it makes this place intrinsically beautiful. It's what's embedded in their culture that is yet to be touched by too much commercialism. I wish the world would just move on and leave this place be. I don't want it mutated and turned to a "beautiful" GMO.

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Bantay Srei

Sony, our tour guide
Gas station

Banteay Samre

"Lady, lady, three for one dollar"

Pre Rup

Chicken amok

The famous Tomb Raider tree, the spung
Inside Ta Prohm

Temple Run at Banteay Kdei