europe: versailles, france

Amsterdam - Paris - Versailles - Belgium

I've never seen so much grandness in my entire life. I've never seen such a garden that made my jaw drop even in its barren season. I think I've never really marveled until I got here.

Chateau De Versailles is a vast reliving of a royal memory -- of its stories, its every day life, its secrets, pains, and pleasures. You can feel it in its manicured grounds, its gilded halls, and on its delicately carved chairs. It's a past life I only heard stories of, I think of it as fiction.

But somehow, they were all true -- once upon a time.

And this is me marveling inside a fairy tale.


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The famous Hall of Mirrors
Thank God it was only 7 degrees and was sunny!
Where Marie Antoinette stayed