hey, what's up [first half, 2017]

It's funny how life is turning out to be. It's really true that when you're busy living your real life, you don't have much time to update your virtual one.

So many things have happened and my blogging can't keep up! My Europe trip, for example. I went there last January, and now it's the second half of the year and I'm still not finished with the posts (just two more!) and the videos! I'm officially dubbed as the 'so-much-later grammer' or the 'a-year-has-passed-since-this-happened Facebook uploader'. But what can I do? I'm having too much fun outside!

In any case, I just wanted a 'hey what's up' post before I leave this year's first half.

I've been going here and there, and I'm happy with it, don't get me wrong, but I find myself craving to stay put and hang out inside my room afterwards. And I don't mind not leaving the house for 2-3 days straight after traveling for work or leisure, or even just the whole week of traveling to and from the workplace. I love having my me-time and recharging my social batteries for the coming week. Introvert stuff I guess.

Also I've been writing, but just not here. Do you ever get that feeling when you just want to write and put it out there but then you know the people who know you can read it (most likely) so you just scrap out the idea and go somewhere else where pouring your heart and sh*t out can be as easy and as uncomplicated as you want it to be? Like you can really throw yourself out there, letter by letter, and not care at all? That. I went there and did just that.

So we've covered travel and writing, so now we go to photo. I've not yet booked a single #LifeInsideTheCity shoot here in Manila and I miss it (but yeah, I just wanted to sleep in and stay in bed on weekends nowadays, so sorry girls!) but fingers crossed I'll get there! But this is the year I got to shoot more small events, and of course my favorite—portraits and in different countries! Never. In my entire life. Did I. Imagine. This. Jesus is the real deal.

I am tempted to gush like this is my journal (like my ever favorite Nirrimi), and I tried a couple of times, but I guess that just can't be me. I'd like to keep the wirings of my brain intact but at the same time expose and hint on how it works. Like, yup I know, who cares? Who knows?

PS. I'm now a granny. One of my 4 dogs gave birth to 4 pups! Hopefully they turn out well. ♡

PPS. Coffee? Travel talks? I'm game. Please let me do something unusual! (Good unusual, okay?) I need new adventures!