wandering delights: mnl boracay beach hostel

I’m pretty much a planner. When I travel, I want almost everything booked in advance so that I don’t have to worry about being spontaneous while on the trip. I even love planning for people and doing the research for them! (Okay, okay, I’ll calm down...)

I’ve found this awesome artsy place online called MNL Boracay Beach Hostel. Being a solo traveler who didn’t have friends to chip in for the room, of course I was looking for the cheapest bed. It’s a good thing backpacker hostels are becoming more popular nowadays.

It’s cheap. It really is. I paid Php 1,500 for my pod of three nights. How cool is that? I booked the 6-bed, female only dorm room. Perks? The rate includes free breakfast (and mineral water which all guests abuse ha!) And wifi too!

It’s clean. Well, relatively speaking. The place is clean and well-kept for its price, but please bear in mind that I paid this much for this much. My bed is great – got 1 pillow and 1 blanket, all white, no stains. That’s a thumbs up. But I really wished my pod walls were scrubbed up before I got into it. The walls are white so there were smudges here and there (and maybe toe prints – oopsie, ignore, ignore!). But it was okay for me, I mean I can wipe it out myself. There’s a common bathroom per floor and they were cool too. There was hot water from the rain shower, and oh, one of my favorite parts? THERE’S LOTS OF TOILET PAPER. I don’t know. Sometimes its absence freaks me out. Another plus side is that the rooms and bathroom don’t smell! :)

It’s fun! They had a Tuesday night party and a Thursday barbeque night which I both dared myself into going but introversion really kicked in. I just joined in listening to the music (which was hipster, party cool) in the bedroom. They have free earplugs for noise-sensitive people, don’t you worry!

The hostel at its price is a really good deal. A five-minute walk to D’ Mall and a ten-minute walk to the White Beach, I think it’s really worth it. Plus they have the nicest receptionists, and Manong guard, and guests who all greet each other! It was definitely a good experience I wouldn’t have had elsewhere!

MNL Boracay Beach Hostel | Road 1-A, Bulabog, Brgy. Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan 5608 Philippines | +63998 220 5700, +63917 702 2160 | boracay@mnlboutiquehostel.com

Roof deck where the parties rage at night
There were 5 toilets and 4 showers on my floor if I remember correctly :)
Lobby hangout place for WIFI!