alone time in boracay

“Shoot.” I winced, pain evident in my left wrist. I forgot not to use it as it’s still strained from the needle trauma and disuse. I lifted my bag with the other one and proceeded the airline counter. I still walked slowly and wished that there was still spare time to buy coffee. Five minutes into contemplating, a woman in uniform approached the small mic and announced our boarding.

The past weeks before my trip were awful. There have been a lot of headaches, high fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, and needle stings. I caught dengue, days before my birthday, the aftermath affecting my travel plans heavily. I was supposed to go on another adventure but ended up sitting in my hospital bed, awake the dawn of my flight. Once I got out, I booked another ticket and continued my schedule.

The plane began to descend and from above, I saw the familiar island surrounded by a white line. My heart leapt a little as I smiled to myself. Once I got my backpack from the carousel, I put on my friendly, “I do this all the time” face. Being a tourist destination that it is, I paid a lot of fees before getting on the boat transporting to the island. My dad called and asked if I were joking about leaving the house, I told him no, I was at the port and made him listen to the sound of the boat roaring to life. I’m kind of stubborn like that. It’s either I got it from him or his wife (my mother).

As I was walking through the port walkway, the sun finally shone bright, and I couldn’t resist the itch of taking my camera from its bag. So I did and took my first photo. It was love all over again – it was me, a place far away, and my camera.

I went to the first appointment of the day: breakfast at Jonah’s. I didn’t get the mango shake though, I ordered coffee. They have the hot, instant kind, but it’s okay – it’s coffee. As I looked outside, Willy’s Rock shining pretty on the almost-noon light, I sipped my first sip in weeks. The warm liquid touching the base of my tongue, traveling to my empty stomach – I couldn’t resist the closing of my lids. I opened them after a while, and there was just that sigh. “Thank You” was all I could manage. I stayed there for hours, eating my food slowly, sipping my precious instant coffee. Life was definitely so good at that moment.

I stayed at this cheap, artsy, clean hostel I found on the web called MNL Beach Hostel Boracay (hostel details and review here). They have parties at night which I dared myself into going but the introvert, still recovering (just an excuse) me fought back. Everybody greeted everybody though which was really comforting.

My three full days were filled with just walking by the beach, taking pictures, swimming in the chill water (and still getting sunburnt), and just hanging out. I invited my Chinese roommate Lang for lunch one day. She’s not good in English so we literally just made wild hand gestures and laughed about it. We used the translator on her phone and showed pictures of the places we’ve been to. It was interesting and new, and I wouldn’t want it to be the last.

I usually hung out at the nearby coffee shop called Coffee Works at night. On the first one, I terribly missed my family. The island is our home away from home and it was my first visit without them. Add that to the fact that they took care of me when I was hospitalized. We grew so close together during the days. Sometimes, I think such times pass by that make you realize that yes, you’re independent, but still you’re not alone. There would always be people who would want to take care of you, look after you, and stay. Family would always be the first one to run to you and hold you close.

Recovering slowly, both from my homesickness and the literal one, I found something in Boracay. I think in all travels, we find something – a part of us, small or great – along the way. For me it was just spending time with the One who created it all. Being in the quarter life and having “the crisis”, I needed to pull out from the city and everything that’s familiar and push myself to hold absolutely no control for Him to move on my behalf. To think things through, to make life-altering decisions. Solo traveling gives me that, and on the island, after all that happened, it was much needed.

I think this life is meant to be enjoyed. I believe God meant it to be enjoyed. I believe He said, “Come to Me, you weary and burdened soul and I will give you rest.”

And He did just that. I'm nothing but grateful.

Bulabog beach
My pod at the hostel
Calamansi muffin + cappuccino = perfection!
Me and the slip


Total expenses for 4D3N - Php 9,900
Including airfare, accommodation, food, land fare, and pasalubong!

  • 2015 Fees: Trike to port: Php 50, terminal fee: 25; Boat to island: Php 25, terminal fee: 50, environmental fee: 75; Trike inland: Php 25
  • I stayed at MNL Boracay Beach Hostel! Check the review post out!
  • I was taken to Tabon Port instead of the one Cagban because of the incoming typhoon. The waves at Cagban were already strong so for safety reasons, they used the other route which was a quicker boat ride actually, but a longer trike trip to the Caticlan Airport.
  • Real Coffee in Station 2 was my fave hang out place. The calamansi muffins were sooo good!

All photos fast-edited with VSCOcam