sagada part iii

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Our third and last day was a bit of a tearjerker for me. We checked out of our inn when the night was just too cold and every bit of the night was present. Our van trailed a bit to where we will watch the sunrise that was too shy to appear. The clouds were heavy and the fog was thick, but we're glad the sky lightened up.

I put on my earphones and turned the music up and zoned out. When in trips, I like to say my goodbye and thanks to the place personally and maybe in whispers. I said my see you soon. It was two whole days of adventure and I'm glad that I were alive to see, feel, and partake of it.

We went to see the rice terraces in Banaue and Bontoc, and every time I ask myself, How? How did this come true? The view was breathtaking and it defied the photos I saw in books and postcards. It is unbelievable that it is manmade, but it is, and it exists. It's man and God at the same time.

We passed by a wet market and I bought the last 2 kilos of baby potatoes that I so much loved when we dined in Salt and Pepper. We consumed it in 2 days!

I know, I am so happy to have lived this adventure! (I don't even know my tone for writing is like this! :D)

We planned to watch sunrise but the clouds were too heavy

Road view

Banaue Rice Terraces was splendid!
For the win team photo!
I bought 2 kilos of baby potatoes and when I got home, it lasted just for 2 days! :D
So long view. I'll be back before you know it.