sagada part ii

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Day Two. Our hike to Bomod-ok Falls! I've never been so afraid of heights all my life. My new sandals didn't even help; I wish I just went on the journey barefoot. The sides of the mountain were steep and we're probably the slowest humans who ever took the trek (so we were placed in front, just after Kuya Guide so that we wouldn't get lost.) Anyway, the 2-3 hour (never been good with time/counting/math, anyway...) hike was so worth it! I said I wouldn't want to dip in the water from the falls, so I wore a heavy sweater. But guess what? I was wrong! The water was so inviting when we got there so my friends and I dipped in! We simply had no choice. It's either we experience it or choose to miss it. We did it, heavy sweats and all! I didn't have a waterproof camera with me but a new friend took photos (just for us to see :D). The water was freezing cold but it's fine once you get used to it.

After the amazing experience, of course, what's left to do is EAT. So that's what we did. :)
We're ready for the trek!
The view while trekking to Aguid Rice Terraces
Rest time for the nth time haha!
Broken water pipes
We're nearing there!
Finally! Bomod-ok Falls!
Happy happy ermintany
Sagada Weaving. We're supposed to buy those awesome weaved backpacks that the tour guides use but they were a bit expensive plus the design we're looking for is not available.
I'm so satisfied eating here at Salt and Pepper! You should try different dishes and share!
Privileged to have this photo taken with this wonderful woman after her she told us the stories about her antiques.
Food trippin' after every single trip? Haha. We ordered our lemon pies to take back home.
Buffet dinner at Log Cabin
We kept on coming back through this hall because we were spying on someone good lookin' ;D