sagada part i

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Happy New Year!

I am currently taking a break from taking photos, mostly daydreaming ideas to recharge myself. Sometimes when you do the work over and over, you tend to get uninspired and lost in the cycle. I want to come back with a full mind and a more determined soul to produce a more fulfilling work. I basically want to be a child again.

Finally uploading this three-part post about my recent (expired by two months) travel to Sagada, Mountain Province. Bit by bit, we’ll get to part three. This is one of the most memorable adventures that I’ve ever had. It was such a great experience, of fun, danger, bonding, and new people. It’s an enriching trip, and I suggest that if you’re reading this post, you go here and have yourself some adventure! :D

Finally got to stretch my short legs!
First meal in the mountains
Meet Ms. Ann. She's the amazing woman behind Tripinas (click on it!) a travel agency which brings people one of the greatest experiences ever!
Screaming at Echo Valley
From below
Happy three friends minus one. We really missed our friend Ross during this trip.
Hanging Coffins where there are NO real mummies :D
Tried yet failed me.
Happy happy batch!
Goodbye sunlight before we down below Sumaguing Cave
After such a hard trip of guano (bat poop) and steep landscape, we finally get to have our tourist photos! The going down was such a crazy adventure for us city, uncoordinated girls. It's a miracle we're alive!
Ice water
Happy three friends with ridiculous outfits. Like really, why am I wearing underpants OVER my pants? Seriously. Thanks Mariza for the shorts! Hahaha!
Look up! Photo cred to our tour guide.
Sitting pretty on the big pile of brown jello/poop-look-alike rocks. Amazingly carved by perpetual waters from the mountain.
Our savior! If it weren't for him, we wouldn't make it back alive.
Reunited with van friends for dinner!