creative portraits for quarantine ii

So, we did creative portraits again the next day. It absolutely made this week of community lockdown *erm quarantine* fun!

quarantine portraits part i // quarantine portraits part ii

How to make your own portraits like this:

  1. Tell your sister you're going to take photos again. This is a top tip to get her to shower early on her own.
  2. Brave the 2PM heat this time. Make sure you ask your sister to wipe her cute nose sweat beads.
  3. Get props like a hat, her ukelele, a chair and just shoot inside your lot but now with natural light (hmm so good 😍).
  4. Get something shiny like a glass or a snowflake sticker that can act as a prism.
  5. Put that prism to use by standing right under the direct sunlight. Well at least you got your tan refreshed for a bit. Now it's your turn to wipe your own nose sweat beads.
  6. Just have fun experimenting different poses and taking shots from different angles.
  7. Make use of your mama's real plants this time (yesterday was fake plants time).
  8. Download and edit thinking it's summer and editing by the beach would be so much nicer!
  9. Pick your favorites.
  10. Upload!

All shot with my Canon RP and my favorite nifty fifty pancake lens.
Painted with love with my own Lightroom preset. 💛

quarantine portraits part i // quarantine portraits part ii