creative portraits for quarantine i

Well, there you go. Almost a month since the enhanced community quarantine in Metro Manila and our region and I got bored with my new routine. 😜 Thankfully I got a cute guinea pig I can break it with. It's in two parts (for now). We'll add more in the coming days (only if we feel like it).

quarantine portraits part i // quarantine portraits part ii


How to make your own portraits like this:

  1. Just grab the cutest person you're quarantining with.
  2. Make use of your mama's fake plants.
  3. Wait for the 3PM light to flood your room together with the 36 degree heat (turn on a/c to avoid your sister's nose sweat beads).
  4. Get your white blanket and hang it by the window to diffuse the light.
  5. Experiment with poses.
  6. Try to balance well on the bed and avoid falling onto your poor sister.
  7. Don't take too many shots. If you have good ones already, don't push yourself too hard. This shoot is strictly for having fun.
  8. Download and edit. Have fun playing colors to your hearts desire! 😍
  9. Let your sister pick her favorites.
  10. Upload!
All shot with my Canon RP and my favorite nifty fifty pancake lens.
Painted with love with my own Lightroom preset. 💛

quarantine portraits part i // quarantine portraits part ii