7 overlooked important things you should pack when traveling

I love planning and packing for a trip, I do. I just simply love it. But to some, it's often a major source of stress especially when the trip is so near and the luggage is still empty. And once everything is in the bag, what else it there to pack? Did you forget anything?

To help calm those nerves, here is my list of important things that are normally overlooked when packing for a trip. They're small and wouldn't add much to your luggage weight, so don't worry!

Travel adapter and extension cord
In this day and age, who doesn't travel with a bunch of gadgets? My trips are usually a mix of work and leisure, so I always bring a laptop, cameras, power banks, of course my phones, and usually charge them overnight while I sleep. I connect all those charging devices to the extension cord and plug the cord using only one travel adapter. It helps a lot when you book into hostels which usually have only one socket in your pod or near your bed. It saves so much hassle.

Charcoal packet and mist
Maybe it's just me, but I'm really particular with smell. I usually travel for one to two weeks and pack covering those days so I haven't done laundry yet while traveling. I keep the charcoal packet with the soiled clothes to suck up any unwanted scent. (I bought packets from Miniso.) I use cologne, mist, or linen spray to keep things smelling fresh inside my luggage.

Travel SIM card
I once brought with me a pocket wifi / travel router (Skyroam) but it was uber expensive especially for long trips. My colleague at work discovered this amazing travel SIM card called Travel SIM PH or SIM2FLY which I think originated from Thailand and has a seller here in the Philippines. I always get the 15 days SIM when traveling to Europe and it hasn't failed me yet. Its network is very reliable (pairs up with the area's strongest network available) and its 4G / LTE is really fast. The SIM card provides unlimited data but it will slow down from 4G / LTE to 3G once you've hit a certain gigabyte of usage. The 3G wasn't bad at all.

Plastic bag
It's just so useful. When you have a wet piece of clothing, or really soiled clothes, unwanted things you need to keep from your clean things—a plastic bag saves the day.

Empty water bottle
Water is potable in most European cities. Well, I drank tap water in the European cities I've been to and I haven't got any upset stomach yet. Bottled water costs EUR 1.2 - 4 depending on the size or where you are. It's a great money saver to have an empty water bottle with you so that you can refill it before you leave your room and have that walking tour.

Foldable bag
I've always loved the unbulky, katsya bags. It's what we call it in Filipino but it's basically a canvas or tote bag. It's really light and easy to carry. It's very useful when you're doing your shopping so that you don't have to carry individual shopping bags that you'll eventually throw away, or just when you need an extra space.

I haven't bought a foldable, water-repellent backpack yet but it's on my list!

Foldable umbrella
Ah, the one thing I can't leave home without. I think weather is very unpredictable anywhere and so one always has to be ready. I pack an umbrella in my luggage, not my carry-on. I was in Amsterdam one time and I saw that a basic umbrella costs around EUR 8, or maybe that was a very touristy price but heck! You can buy yourself a meal plus a dessert with that money.

These are the ones on my list! Do you have recommended travel hack items? Share it below, or leave me a message using the contact page! Would love to know yours!


  1. Loved your ideas especially the charcoal packet and mist.

    1. Thanks! Let me know too if you have other travel hacks!


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