5 essential apps to use when traveling

As a female solo traveler and a planner at heart, I always make it a point to be ready and prepared as much as possible before a trip. In doing this -- planning itineraries beforehand, knowing where to go for the day, where to eat -- I found out that it makes more room for being spontaneous. You can change your planned itinerary on a whim without entirely ruining your goal for the day. I've done it before and I still do it every time I go, so I rounded up the top 5 travel apps that I use in order to have an organized-spontaneous day. Please take note that these are used in my travels in Europe.

Google Maps

Every traveler's savior! Who doesn't go on a trip without it? This app keeps my mind at ease, letting me know exactly at which station I should be, on which platform I should stand and wait, what the train number is, and what time the train/tram/bus will leave and arrive at the destination. It shows me which street to walk to. It is so easy to use. I recommend that you get roaming data or pocket wifi so that transportation schedules will be live and accurate. Otherwise, you can download google maps per area that you will visit. I usually have both -- one online on my phone and one offline on my iPod just in case.

Airline App

In this case, I have the KLM app. I put in my booking code and my flight itinerary automatically downloads. What's great when you have the airline app (at least with my experience with the KLM app) is that you get notified whenever there are changes -- if there are delays, changes in gate number etc. so you won't get lost or so you won't miss your flight. It has all the reminders that you need -- your baggage weight, what should and should not be in your hand luggage. You can even help save the environment and have your paperless boarding pass.

Accommodation App

Ah, my love for Agoda. The app interface is very on-point and doesn't need much explanation. You book through the app, it notifies you before, during, and after your stay, and it has all the essential details you need.

Weather App

I don't use it whenever I'm home in Manila, but I can't stop looking at it whenever I'm about to go to Europe. A tropical person like me only has two kinds of clothes -- clothes for warm weather and clothes for really, really warm weather, so I usually, definitely need to prepare. Europe has very unpredictable weather, and though the weather app may see it 'sunny' tomorrow, it may change during the day and may bring you some clouds and/or slight drizzle (especially in Amsterdam).

What's funny is that on my last trip, it was the beginning of summer (I haven't experienced summer in Europe before), so I observed the app and it said it will be 'sunny' at 26 celsius (Amsterdam) and 28 celsius (Paris). To me, that is cool weather. Summers in the Philippines are balmy at 34 celsius. So I brought light jumpers and jackets, even brought a rain coat, and some denims. Turns out summer in Europe isn't that cool (at least for that week which I'm super thankful for). I ended up buying lighter blouses and some shirts (I know, excuses). The app was correct, my perception of temperature was not. 😉


Uber may not be present in the country anymore, but I still use the app especially in Europe. It's essential when you have a lot of luggage with you and you don't want to wait in queue for the cab, or ride the train. Or when you're lost and it's almost midnight. Seriously.

Others I sometimes use:
Visit A City - ideas for day itineraries
Skyscanner - for booking flights

But the most reliable one for searching ideas/recommendations especially from blogs:
Google, need I say more

So there you go. Hope this helps! Let me know the apps that you use too! Or if you have questions, hit me up!


  1. Interesting post! I like your blog, would you like to follow each other?:)


    1. Hi Giulia, sure why not! :) Will check out your blog!

  2. Thank you for sharing great ideas! Never thought of uploading those apps when travelling. Now I know.

    1. Glad I could be of help! Enjoy the time-savers and safe travels!


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