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Munich - Neuschwanstein Castle - Salzburg - Hallstatt - Graz

The castle of my dreams! (Actually there are a lot but this one’s somewhere on top.) Finally got to see the castle that inspired the legend called Walt Disney. It’s where he got inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty castle and the Cinderella one too, I think. And I really get why he was inspired.

The castle was magical even in wintertime. You can see the castle right in the middle of everything covered in snow – trees, mountains, plains, you name it. It is magical alright, but the story behind it is rather sad.

It was started by a king named Ludwig II. Stories say he was a madman who wanted a castle where he could hide and live all by himself. He self-financed the building of the castle until he couldn’t afford it anymore. The structure was never finished even up until today.

Tours inside the castle are paid (EUR13) and guided, and you can only see 14 rooms if I remember correctly. It was gloomy inside and not one bit of it showed celebrated grandeur. I really felt for the mad king.

It was one of life’s greatest lessons – do not judge a book by its cover – that spoke to me there. Visibility was, is, and never will be equal with value.

Neuschwanstein Day Tour

Booked through Get Your Guide, but still operated by my favorite Sandeman’s New Europe Tours. It costs EUR40 with train rides from Munich Hauptbahnhof and back. Very convenient. Our guide Hein, again, was very helpful and informative.

If you want to go inside the castle/guided tour, it will cost EUR13.

The bridge for that popular castle view is closed during winter. But the rebel in me always finds her way. :) One of my proudest and silliest adventure ever! (I snuck and slid under the gate just so I can take a photo of the castle while freezing my ass off).

Travel video below!

From Munich Hauptbahnhof
Hohenschwangau Castle
Straight from a fairy tale
Taking of photos is not allowed inside
Found out that it's really hard to walk on ice! Fresh snow is always BETTER.
Classic view

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