europe: paris, france ii

It was my second time in the city of love, Paris. It was fall which made it even more romantic. The skies were wispy and faded, and when sunset came, pastels of pink, blue, and purple colored against the warm yellow light.

We were out and about the city where our tour guide showed us the famous attractions. It was my first time to hear stories from a guide and I was fascinated with all of it. All the allure and the splendor of Paris, and even how Parisians carry themselves made more sense after.

I stayed in the city after the work week with clients and spent a weekend with Dani. We ate at the famous Angelina and I finally tried the much-loved hot chocolate. I fell in love with Fragonard and the perfume Etoile and promised to go to the perfume museum next time.

Paris, at a second glance, did not seem too intimidating to me anymore. I felt confident roaming in the big city and unafraid of all the entangled train lines underneath. And maybe, just maybe, it will show me secrets when we meet again.


Travel video below!


That golden autumn light

At Montmartre
My dear friend Dani
The must-try hot chocolat chaud
Île Saint-Louis



  1. What can you say about the safety? I want to travel alone. Thank you

    1. Hi there! With the couple of times I've been to Paris, I can say that it's pretty safe to travel even if you're doing it solo. The tourist attractions will always have tourist crowds, so you would definitely blend in. All you need is your street-smarts and common sense. Being alert is always key. Take care of your bag. :)

      The only time I felt kind of uncomfortable is when I was headed to the train station early morning, around 4am. It was fall so it was still dim. I had my luggage with me and I was strolling the street and someone whistled at me. I kept on walking (I'm a very fast walker). I had google maps on hand. After that, we had a drunk in the train car I was in. At first I was alarmed but it turned out to be okay.

      Don't worry, you'll be fine! :)


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