europe: amsterdam, netherlands ii

Paris - Montpellier - Marrakech/Sahara - Barcelona - Amsterdam/Rotterdam

Maybe because it was the first city I've ever set foot on in this part of the world, or maybe because I've loved something in it that set it apart, but Amsterdam definitely made a home in me.

It was autumn when I came back. The air was crisp and already had a certain chill in it. It was gloomy and dark as usual, but on some days, the sun peeked and gave us extra warmth.

It was the last leg of my second time in Europe -- work trip was finished and the experiences in Morocco and Barcelona were duly collected. But I cannot make myself leave without meeting a new part of this small city. In every trip, I always goal to make time to just walk around and get lost. Amsterdam doesn't fail on that.

You were no ordinary
The hostel I always go back to


Seeing the largest port, Europort
Peter, my favorite driver
Rotterdam Central Station

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