europe: brussels, belgium

Amsterdam - Paris - Versailles - Belgium

I did not miss my early train to Brussels from Paris (happy dance!). Let me tell you, it was an accomplishment! The day-to-day stories are for another post (hopefully I can still remember them - well of course, I should). But here are my day trip photos in Brussels before returning to Amsterdam. I didn't arrange any shoot this day, purely because I wanted some me-time of walking and roaming around museums and getting lost in the streets.


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Travel video below!


At the Royal Museum of Fine Arts
At the Margritte Museum
Iconotextures by Thierry De Cordier. I think there were about 10 pieces in this series, tiny writings on large frames.
Somewhere outside the Belgian Royal Palace
Garden Of The Mont Des Arts
St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral
Inside the Grand Place Brussels square
The historic Hotel de Ville
It was Chinese New Year that day!
Crowded streets
Nighttime around my Airbnb
From my room for the night