europe: amsterdam, netherlands

Amsterdam - Paris - Versailles - Belgium

It was more than 16 hours of flights from Manila to this port in Europe. I took off when all was about to sleep including me, only to wake up 8 hours later afloat on the plane with darkness still outside my window. Needless to say, it was strange.

It was strange. Coming from a tropical country where it is always summer with colors always bright and popping, to wake up in a city where everything is mildly muted in color, and where everything is enveloped in such coldness. Winter for an islander like me was alien and worrisome (you don't know how much winter clothing I took with me) but as days passed by, I learned to cope with it. I miss it now, even.

Here's the first part of my short but really, really sweet Europe trip. These are some of the photos I took from roaming around the streets, riding trains, doing the canal cruise, visiting museums, eating, and even having a photo shoot with a local in Amsterdam.

And here's a secret - I love it. I like it more than Paris. Words and stories on another post! For now, feast on the photos!

Here's my photo shoot in Amsterdam

Rest of the personal photos on my personal Facebook

And my new friend Aleksandria Rudenko took photos of me too!

Travel videos below!


At Foam Photography Museum
Royal Palace of Amsterdam at Dam Square
Amsterdam Centraal Station

At Huis Marseille
At Van Gogh Museum
The Eyefilm Museum from across the bay
The canal cruise
Our captain was an old woman with lots of gray hair!