I've NEVER had the talent to draw. I could only do stick people, and that of the field with a hut with the mountains and sun backdrop. Could add some birds too, but other than that, I'm terrible.

I always have these space photos during city roaming and basically wanted to add something different to them ever since. I know this has been done before (you know, doodles in photos), but it's amazing to see your own (boring) photo being lit up by another person's talent. So last year, I really couldn't help the waste in my hard drive and then it hit me that someone in college used to have this amazing notebook filled with doodles and colors and patterns. I teamed up with Ina of 365inasnap.com and because of the hectic (corpuhrate) adult life, we forgot about it! But then just this last month she emailed me these three photo doodles!

We're hoping to create more, but in the meantime, here they are. If ever you have photo doodles, just use the #PhotoDoodlePH hashtag so we could create a local community! Happy snapping x doodling!