mt. gulugod baboy day trek

We were not prepared for it, apparently. :P

Me and Nicole posted about this trip beforehand, inviting girls and girls at heart to be part of the pre-Valentine's climb. There were originally three girls more but we just didn’t get to meet each other at any point! We just texted the whole day, ha!

The bus left Alabang South Station around 7AM and reached Batangas Grand Terminal at around 9AM. We rode a jeep to Mabini which was a bit long, I think it took us more than an hour. We took a tricycle to Philpan Dive Resort and just across it is the famous Gulugod Baboy.

Around 10:30AM we registered and paid for our guide. He's only 14 years old, surprise, surprise! About five minutes into trekking the cemented part of the mountain, I was already exhausted. I was literally panting and I was so slow. My fault though, I didn’t jog or exercise beforehand (excuses!). Kuya got my pack and he carried it the whole time. That was what the Php 500 we paid for, thank God for guides!

It was hot but the breeze has a chill to it so it was bearable. We paced our climb into 5-7-minute intervals and FINALLY!!! AFTER 2 HOURS WE REACHED THE PEAK!!! We were so happy (and hallucinating already). We were talking about it; if this was a 2/10 trail, what more the others?! We ate our baon under the last trees before going to the peaks (there are three).

I tell you, IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. The wind was wild but needed, and the view, my gosh. I’ve never done a 360 view from a mountaintop before so it was pretty amazing. We stayed there for about an hour, took pictures, and just let the whole place sink in on us. I couldn’t tell you how much wonder that place has. You should check out the short video below.

We logged out at around 4PM, took a tricycle to Crossing (that’s what they call the intersection), a jeep to the bus terminal (which took a lounger route but it was okay, I slept most of the ride) and was back in South Station at around 8:30PM. We hunted for the elusive dinner and celebrated with our obligatory fast food fried chickens.

That’s it. Done!

Took a paracetamol before sleeping. You know, muscle pains, #aging.

(Schedule, expenses, and notes below)

The cemented part
The mask
What we were actually feeling
Pre-Valentine's climb? What about #WhoGoat?! HAHA
Ms. Gulugod Baboy 2016!
Hair flip char..
Oh, coconuts
"Climbing mountains give me that peace of mind. You know, the kind that all you think about is your next step and nothing else."
So many cows, so little time!
My favorite misty islets
Tired shoelfie


7AM, Bus at Alabang South Station to Batangas Grand Terminal – Php 127
9AM, Jeep (Mabini signage), driver will tell you where to alight, just mention you’re going to Philpan – Php 37
10:15AM, Tricycle to Philpan Dive Resort – Php 40
10:30AM, Registration fee – Php 35, Guide – Php 500 / 2 = Php 250
4PM, Tricycle to Crossing – Php 40
5PM, 2 Jeep rides to Batangas Grand Terminal, Php 35 + 8 = Php 43
6:30PM, Bus at Alabang South Station to Batangas Grand Terminal – Php 127


  • Bring 1.5L of water. My 1L wasn’t enough!
  • Bring lots of snacks (cos I really got hungry hehe). You could buy at the sari-sari store across the registration.
  • Go use the restroom there too before and after trekking
  • Wear sunblock
  • Wear shoes with good sole grip. Nicole’s was a bit flat so she had a hard time going down (and had a grand time sliding down!! HAHA)
  • Take your time at the peaks and just embrace every bit of it ;)