noun | /sprīt/
a faint flash, typically red, sometimes emitted in the upper atmosphere over a thunderstorm owing to the collision of high-energy electrons with air molecules

It's amazing how we meet amazing people who just leave us with an awesome perspective in life.

Portraits of Lade Toyin-Kehinde
For Life Inside The City and Steal That Shoot series


Life Inside The City is a series of portraits of young girls backdropped with the concrete city. It aims to show the flair and individualism of the feminine against the city life we are in.

The series started December 2014 and has continued to inspire since then. It has created an amount of demand that led to the Steal That Shoot series, a bargain shoot open to every girl who wants to be part of the circle.

This 2016, both series are on-going and looking forward for more people and stories. If you want to share who you are, feel free to drop a message at iragatmaitanphotos@gmail.com or use the contact form below. Hope you join us soon!