quezon hits: puting buhangin / kwebang lampas - dampalitan - borawan

I don’t know. The vibe this year is so travel-strong. This was supposed to be a solo trip, but since I knew it would be cheaper to share, I invited another introvert (you know, minimal noise ha!).

We arrived at Alabang South Station at 6AM and was on the road 30 minutes later. We rode the N. Dela Rosa bus going to Lucena Grand Terminal and slept the best way we could as the bus was full and we were sitting at the bumpy, second-to-the-last row where our feet were hanging. But it was okay, we’re already Masa (Masandal tulog) by that time. We arrived the same terminal when I went to Cagbalete, but this time instead of going to Mauban, we rode to Unisan. After 1.5 hours of countryside, we arrived at Padre Burgos (QCRB Bank) where our boatman Kuya Christian fetched us.

We rode a trike for a bit, paid our environmental fees and then straight to the boat. We were still contemplating where we would camp the night but then we saw how small and how hot the beach was in Borawan that we pursued our original idea of going to Puting Buhangin. We were happy despite the number of people. The beach was wider and longer, the shore shallower.

Then we slept. Beach-warmness-coconut trees vibe.

We hung out at Kwebang Lampas were the rocks were so slippery, everyone needs to put in effort! It was still nice but we’re saddened by of course, the vandal on the walls. We didn’t swim because “jellyfish”. But it’s still okay to dip, don’t worry! I just don’t know if more appear during summer when the water is warmer.

(Schedule, expenses, and notes below)

Borawan Beach
Borawan fish pen? Nope! That's your beach! :D
- Patrick Ness -

And then the challenge began – the How-To-Take-A-Bath-In-This-Island Challenge!! We bought a container of water each and waited for each other to finish because (1) there was no door in the “cubicle” and (2) the light was getting dimmer by the minute. It was a challenge but definitely worth to try!

The next day, it rained heavily for a bit. Good thing our tent was new so we just had leaks by the edges. We then queued for coffee for Php 20 and cup noodles for Php 40 at the sari-sari store. We waited for Kuya Christian while eating breakfast.

It was windy and there was light rain so instead of going to Dampalitan, we visited the small piece of land with two rocks in it. It doesn’t have a name yet so I called it Talaba Islet (:D). It was so slippery and the rocks were filled with shellfish, a simple slip may be dangerous. But it was so photogenic, we couldn’t resist! We snorkeled and didn’t go back to Borawan (because you just don’t need to). The corals were not as bright and there were so many sea urchins, you need to be at least 7-8 feet away from them. :P

Fun, vitamin sea craving fulfilled!


6AM, N. Dela Rosa bus at Alabang South Station to Lucena Grand Terminal – Php 180
10AM, Mini bus (Unisan signage) to Padre Burgos, alight at QCRB Bank – Php 35
11AM, Environmental fee with official receipt – Php 20
Boat rental – Php 1700 (if you’re staying at Puting Buhangin/Kwebang Lampas; if in Borawan it’s Php 1500) / 2 = Php 850
12NN, Entrance fee – Php 160
Tent rental – Php 300 / 2 = Php 150
Container of water – Php 50
7AM the next day, Nescafe coffee 3-in-1 – Php 20
Snorkeling gear – Php 100
12NN, Shower at Kuya Christian’s – Php 25
1PM, Van to Lucena Grand Terminal – Php 50
2PM, N. Dela Rosa bus to Alabang South Station – Php 180

  • Rent a boat with Kuya Cris J. (Kuya Christian’s brother), he had the best price I scouted. Contact number: 09055605947
  • Book on weekdays if you want fewer people. When I registered, there were about 60 people in the 3 beaches already.
  • Only the sari-sari stores have electricity so bring power banks! And flashlight!
  • Lie down down on the shore and watch the whole night sky move. It's pure magic. :)