scrapping numbers before christmas eve

I don't feel like I'm 25. Not at all. In fact I've never felt like the numbers ever knew me and as years pass by, we seem to grow even more distant, unsure of how we really, truly fit.

Does anyone have a manual for being here? I see engagements, weddings, and even babies on my feed, and I can't help but feel left out sometimes. But whenever I ask myself, do I really want to be engaged, wed, or even have a baby at this point, the answer is always a little cringing and an all out No. Because the truth is, no matter how I look at it -- I'm happy here, where I am, doing whatever it is I'm doing, being a single, little confused, hopeless romantic, kid at heart that I am. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm glad to know that I'm not alone too. Being here, wherever is here, with one of my best friends would always feel like I'm home. Wrecked, confused, unsure yet undoubtedly, incomparably happy. Should anything else matter?

They say age is just a number. To that, I heart-stompedly, nervous-excitedly, out-mindingly shout...

Also, a Merriest Christmas to you and your family! Thank you for dropping by! :)