baler part i

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Confession: I am so proud to be Filipino. Even more, I'm really glad that I'm part of the travel industry here as it is my day job. I really think the Department of Tourism and Tourism Promotions Board are doing a great job with the campaigns, inviting more and more visitors from all over of the world to experience every bit of exhilarating this country is. Seriously. It's awesome.

My friend and I went to Baler last month to surf. We did it last year in San Juan, La Union, so we decided to try how the waves rolled in Aurora.

On our first day, we went for sort of a trike tour to check the place out.

We stayed at Secret Spot. I read about it on one of favorite travel blogs, Infinite Satori, and since all the good ones along the beach were full, we decided to give it a try.

For lunch, we decided randomly picked one on my friend's list and we landed at Kusina Luntian. It was a place by a small road, the place doesn't look promising, but the SMELL -- it will totally lure you in! Just look how we, two city girls got our hands messy with the boodle fight! Every bite, we say, "Shoot, sarap!" and fall back into silence like we don't know each other. Galit-galit muna, as posted by their wall.

We actually thought that it was just near, but we trekked really long to get to the falls and there were parts that were kind of dangerous that you have to cross through running water. I really enjoyed it though. (My friend Anna HATES trekking. So I said it was dangerous -- for her! :))

The water dropped from 140 feet creating a misty wonderland. We had to try the water (that's why we trekked so hard) and splosh -- hypothermia! Kidding! But it was definitely skin-bone-searing cold!

There's this part of the path to the falls that is covered with greens and it felt like I was in fairyland, like somehow beautiful little winged creatures will just pop out of nowhere, whisk away their wands, and smother us with pixie dust. It was so enchanting, I walked a little slower to be just by myself and feel my surroundings take me. The mountains embracing me back home. It was a moment badly needed and I felt like they gave me back what was lost.

We went to the Manuel L. Quezon museum five minutes before its closing time. (Cos we're cool that way.)

Then we ate ihaw-ihaw at the Rolling Stores. (And bought chips, drinks etc for the night.)

We had music on in our (freaking) room and then things just got really weerd. ;) Hashtag: I love first times.