waterfall spirit

Waking up for something that you love is one of the greatest gifts this unfair life could surprisingly give. To want something in your mind to just manifest itself before you, the simple magnificence of an idea coming to life. It just makes me sigh, a deep, long sigh, with a smile in the end of course. All these pictures and words jumbled up in your head. It just produces so much joy -- the silent type -- to see them take a coherent shape, something you think you know exactly, but ending up stunning you all the way.

I guess this is why I couldn't stop taking pictures, why I couldn't stop doing more than taking just pretty ones. The whole process of it, from meeting friends, to finding myself amazed by what I see through the viewfinder, to finding out and failing to comprehend what's behind the subject's expression, to experimenting tones -- it's just an amazing story that I get to live every single time I do it. Being in a world where I don't know the end despite my being a natural, rational planner type of person. The magic it produces in me -- I just can't get used to it. I don't think I ever can.

Model: Anjellen Rama
With Ross Camille Salazar and Jira Andaya