freedom inside the walls

We've been hinting to want to shoot together since forever. Sometimes, you just got to set a date and just go with it no matter what. Thankfully it didn't rain that day.

This is our ever-free-spirited friend Guica and her thoughts about being 23.

I think 23 is the new 25. We think about the future so much, we forget that we’re still young and supposed to have fun. I feel like there’s so much pressure around us. It’s making me sad! Haha, so every now and then, I try to remind myself to slow down, enjoy life, be free and be young.

So anyway, I listed some of the things that make me happy. (Aside from family and friends).

Music is my bestfriend.
I equally love the mountains and the beach. 

I love wearing oversized sweaters.  
I like sports.

I like rustic pieces. 
I dream to live in a cabin.

I used to dream about working at a coffeeshop in Paris.
I wish I could sing like Bethany Joy Lenz. I’ve always loved her voice. 

The color green calms me.
I like surprises.

I like to travel and to explore.

I bought an ass teddy bear because I felt bad that no one’s going to buy it. 
I trust kind people.

I love the sun!
I just really love window seats.

I want to go to Ireland. 
I like eating in bed.

I LOVE attending music festivals.
Fried dishes are not complete without spicy vinegar.

I like watching wedding films.
I love to travel.

I love singing with friends!
I like to dance. Even without music haha!

Ice cream > chocolates forever.

I've been wondering too what we're supposed to do today, at this time, while we're 23. We're young adults still caught up somewhere between and we're growing up too fast these days. But it's fine, really. Maybe this is how it's supposed to be. What we make of it though, of our time today, is what matters the most. Whether we travel, read books, help our parents with the bills at home, or pay our own rent. Wherever we are, each at our own pace, we are 23. We live today.

If that makes sense at all.

And yeah, a silly one just because it's our 20's