phuket, thailand part iii

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Finally, we're on the third day!

It was the last day for one of us so we toured the town for her to be just in time for her flight. We tried the local bus going to Old Phuket Town instead of taking the taxi because it was just too expensive (400THB per way). We decided to do it by ourselves since it's a small area. We were told that it would just take us about 45 minutes from Kata to reach the town but... it took us almost 2 hours (hello other passengers)! But it was fine for me. I mean I like joining the locals of a new place in their routines. But something foul reeked along the way (because it was too humid and I can't blame it that deos might be expensive in Phuket :P) and my friend had to bring out her hell of secret weapon -- the Katinko. Anyway, enough of my silliness.

When we reached the town, we were greeted by a man who told us how to get to Dibuk and Thalang Roads. Apparently he was a tour guide too and his price was so worth it (and discounted) that we had to say yes. He took us to see Phuket Butterfly which was sort of a garden. We actually didn't get in because we're not really fans. We were supposed to visit another Buddha next but we declined too (when you regularly see the Buddha in every country you go to, you'll understand how we feel -- especially after Cambodia.) We stopped by different souvenir shops. Phuket's not a souvenir-friendly place. Primarily because our tour guide took us to several jewelry boutiques where the employees wore uniforms (black coats), and we were just looking for bargain keychains and small, cute things to take back home to give our families and friends. Definitely something to improve. Finally we went to Dibuk and Thalang! Two streets where the Sino-Portuguese houses were preserved. It's like Vigan in the Philippines, but with different architecture. Sadly we didn't have enough time to walk around the town, but I think we've covered what's important.

Inside the bus. The locals have patches of pink cream anywhere in their faces and bodies. We think it's either sunscreen or insect repellent.
A throwback in the 80's Manila. (I think.)
Orchids! Everywhere in Phuket.
Thalang Road
Dibuk Road -- no electricity lines!
Thailand in my 23rd. I'm starting tradition. 22nd was in Cambodia.
Lunch at Eleven Two and Co. We bought souvenirs here.
Street artist.