phuket part iv / hotel

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Our last full day. We just hung out by the beach a bit. Kata is quiet beach and it was perfect after three days of wandering around. We went back after two hours or so to our hotel, which by the way, has been the best! It's called Sugar Marina Nautical Resort, part of the Sugar Marina chain I guess because they have the Fashion in Kata as well and the Art in Karon Beach. It's a new hotel and the interior and overall design of the place is pretty neat (and pretty cheap! Php 800+/person/night - we were three - booked through Agoda). They have a nice breakfast spread, free wifi, and even the minibar's free (chocolates, juices, sodas, water)! Our room had two beds so we went on bed rotation every night haha. We even have a balcony and the tub. And the everyday room cleanup was sweet coz they actually change the towels every time. They have a nice swimming pool which is even nicer at night because it has lights formed like a boat's steering wheel. Oh, by the way I learned tumbling tricks underwater of course care of my teacher, Ms. A. (May I truly learn how to swim hahaha.)

This trip, to say, is a calm down. Most likely it's me and my ever-changing situations this year, so I'm really grateful to have something like this. I may think that it may not be the best (compared to our Coron trip last year), but it surely must be the best for this time. But however it is, I am grateful.

Ms. A by the pool.
This is a very steep road. We actually saw motorcycles slide when it rained.

Bits of the hotel.

Types of knots!
Our door! The anchor actually says Clean Up Room then flip Do Not Disturb. :)
Bed #3. Not bad huh?

It rained that day.