the de leons

Last August, I went to take photos of a beautiful family away from the city. It was a simple one, meant to be a candid trip shoot, but of course, silly me, I wanted to see how my friends do some family poses! It was fun seeing them struggle with posing on the grass with clothes on and no airconditioning. I never meant to make it hard for them, but the truth is, it's really hard to be models. :)

It was years ago when this couple took me into their home and a part of me will always be grateful for them no matter what. They are wonderful people who have always had God in mind and heart, living their days always for Him.

The day went on with catch-ups and thought-sharing. It was a wonderful, quiet half-day, a break from our usual activities and routines. Moments recorded in photos.

My most favorite shot of Benjamin
Portraits upon request hahaha!

PS: Since Benjamin has so many good photos, a blog post will be dedicated to him! :)