puerto princesa part i

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Earlier this September, I've got to finally travel with my most beloved people in the planet, my family. I've been traveling for two years now and I've never traveled with them to places where my dad doesn't work. A certain airfare promo came up late last year and I've booked my people-bears a trip. To be honest, I thought it wasn't going to push through but it did!

Our first whole day, we were booked to see the famous Underground River which is in the New 7 Wonders of the World. We were five and we had company; a Filipino couple and four big middle-eastern men. They were like retirees but men, they didn't stop talking the whole trip. But they were nice and we called them "lolo" (Filipino for granddad). And they always took pictures with Yana, my baby sister!

About the subterranean river... I am fine really at the start of the 45-minute tour, but oh men, we haven't even reached the middle before that awful, crap smell blew on us. Just think of thousands of bats, their poop and pee -- in the cave walls INTO the river water -- with no ventilation inside. I'm very familiar with smell (I think I got it when my eyes started to get blurry haha), and I just. It was such a bummer. I mean, I really liked the tour, but afterwards, I let go of the burden that was inspired of me by the bat poop. Seriously. I know, I'm gross.

We also went to Ugong Rock where my young parents still fit! Literally and figuratively! Yana went spelunking and oh gosh, I know this should not permitted but did her first time zip-line smiling. I'm ashamed of my crazy, screaming self.

Anyway, here are the photos!

Yana's growing teeth! Yay!
Our guide, Ate Flor
My view while I was screaming for my life during zip-lining.
Safety first!
The four big men didn't fit hehe :)
The famous Candle that grows (and a bat)
Out the sea

By my assistant photographer, Yana