the night before the storm

Life is taking it slowly nowadays. I'm still adapting to my new environment but it's easier since my workmates are really pleasant. Actually, more than pleasant. :) There are days I wonder why it's so slow, I wanted to run and look for something fast-paced that I can hold on to and ride along. But all I get is a swish of air when everything's passing me by, and that I'm learning to be comfortable with. To just sit and observe, like my favorite past-time at the airport.

We planned to have a photoshoot at the bookstore, but it wasn't allowed. We sneaked in a bit but felt it was useless, so we decided to eat instead. Little did we know that this was the night before the horrific storm Maring devour our cities.

Mitzi didn't have a card that was working so we used mine. Some photos were taken with her 60D and 50mm. Zooey feels like a baby compared to hers. :)

Chariza -- I mean, Mitzi :)

And here are some of our studio beauties, creatives who love babies!

Frankie, best in OT! All-day shift during the storm!
Belly, the best newbie slash trainer!
Bianca - Veronica haha!