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How can you find light in the dark? Sometimes you don't. But you know what I really, really believe in? I think you can always, always create it.

For as long as I can remember, I've always had this story-making imagination, weaving worlds, building fortresses, venturing forbidden forests, finding the lost treasure, a heroine on an adventure.

To partner with the conscious, I, most of the time, have the strangest, most vivid dreams. Being bit by vampire on the forehead (such a stupid vampire), a recurring dream of the same staircase when I was a child, and my favorite — activating my superpower of flight when I need it. I can remember the miniscule details, the smell, the taste, the pattern of the shirt, what he said, how he said it, the subtlest of feelings.

The conscious and the unconscious meet sometimes — that weird, flowing stream of all the dreams I can remember seeping through while I'm awake that I have to stop what I'm doing and look inside, to what my brain is making me watch. I think it's a byproduct of brain form completion in your late twenties (as they say), but I'm not really sure. In any case, it's strange. And absolutely, hair-raisingly magical. I still wish I could plug my head to a monitor so I can rewatch and record all my weirdness.

This month's photo challenge is some kind of a tribute to the first story that understood this part of me. It provided an escape when I was growing up, and it provided the same escape while I was still being cooped up here in my tiny room. I loved tinkering on Photoshop. I really enjoyed the learning and studying, and the application bringing my ideas to life. My editing is still novice levels! But. Thank God for but.

Wingardium Leviosa

Background: Kevin Laminto, Unsplash
Books: Flying Books,
Sparkles brush: 20 Sparkler PS Brushes Vol. 5, Brusheezy
Bokeh: Edward J. Rathke,

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."

Background: Gowrisha CV, Unsplash
Bokeh: Edward J. Rathke,

This post is part of our #2021SelfPortraitChallenge — portraits of different themes per month, may it be an idea, a feeling, or some technical camera stuff.
July portraits are making up for lost time! 😁
Obviously about Harry Potter but it's also about learning Photoshop.

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