I like cleaning, it relaxes me. The dusting, the sweeping, mopping, the organizing, the scrubbing, but I was never a fan of folding clothes (nor washing the dishes—but maybe because we're six in the family and we eat for 12).

Cleaning focuses me, it takes away the unnecessary stress. But, what I really love, is what comes after—the space. With everything clean, tidy, and in place, I have created the space to think.

"What's next?"

A blank wall, a clean sheet of paper. With a cleared space, I can now begin messing it up all over again. I'd throw in new ideas, some inspired daydreams, look at the jumbled mess like pieces of a free-shape puzzle, and start putting them together where they fit, making a picture that I may have an idea of, but never really seen before.

January has always been like this since my late teens—the cleaning and looking at the initial picture. It allows me to wrap up the previous year and give myself something to look forward to and check upon throughout the new one. It keeps things in balance and opens up possibilities for good surprises.

I can't tell you about the picture just yet, but maybe I can show you, bit by bit.

This post is part of our #2021SelfPortraitChallenge — portraits of different themes per month, may it be an idea, a feeling, or some technical camera stuff.
January is all about mirror shots.

My friend Leticia are both on this, join us! Check out her work on Medium here.

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