30 things in 2020

I turned 30 this year and to be honest, I have so many drafts of writeups for it. It's supposed to be a big year—closing my 20's and welcoming a new decade. And it still is; I just did it differently than planned and I think it turned out way better than the original. I learned so many things during the lockdown like what my mom really looks like closely at 53, what I like to do next, how to bike, how to kill it at home workouts, what I need to unlearn, how to reorganize my priority list, how to read chick lit and watch romcoms in a different light, and most importantly, how to have fun.

Here are my 30 random things this 2020, more on notes to self. I simplified it so there's a chance we could talk about it in depth if you like!

  1. Being busy is not equivalent to being productive. One of my favorite quotes from Francis Chan says, "Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter."
  2. To fulfill dreams, break it down into yearly goals and monthly actions.
  3. There's wisdom in recognizing when to let go, when to stay, and when to move.
  4. Making time is important essential. But, there comes a point when you should level your effort to the level offered to you.
  5. A blank wall encourages new ideas. So does the ceiling.
  6. I am enough as I am. When I embrace this truth, I apply it to others.
  7. Wealth is not just about financial wealth. True wealth covers the quality of my life, the people in it, and my mental and physical health.
  8. Anger is normal, but when prolonged and held on to, becomes a very tiring emotion.
  9. I can dabble on different things and do them just because they're fun and without the pressure of making them profitable.
  10. People show up when they care, and a lot of people need to feel cared for so don't ever hesitate to say hi or greet them a happy birthday.
  11. I can read the same book, hear the same song, and visit the same place and experience it as a different person. Perspective grows as you do.
  12. How to simplify life: declutter/clean/turn off the noise, recognize what I have, plan, act, analyze, tweak, evaluate.
  13. Social media means nothing. Likes and followers don't equate to value or status. But it's fun and you can make meaningful connections through it.
  14. The same challenge will arise one way or the other if I don't face and overcome it.
  15. Being single in my 20's has allowed me to create a version of me that I'm proud to call 30. (I haven't said this before but when I was 14, my dad made me promise not to have a boyfriend until I'm 30. 😜 LOL I'm such a good kid.)
  16. No better place to be on lockdown but with my family and dogs at home.
  17. I love my life—the highs, the lows, and the in-between.
  18. I'd rather hear the truth than be protected from being hurt. I've been hurt a lot of times, I can take it.
  19. My 30's excite me. It's a decade of moving and a lot of first times.
  20. I can learn anything if I just focus and make time for it. I am my own limit.
  21. You give less fucks at things that don't really matter as you grow up and age ie. other people's opinions of you.
  22. I can forgive someone who has wronged me, but it doesn't mean I'll keep him/her in my life.
  23. I think the purpose of prayer is to change me and strengthen my faith more than it being a wish list to God.
  24. When you give yourself—your true, unpretentious self—you draw people in.
  25. Giving always bears fruit. It makes me happier and more grateful.
  26. I wouldn't be who and where I am today if I didn't go through a quarter-life crisis that made me figure out what I want and don't want.
  27. What I have can't provide me security. I shouldn't put my trust on it.
  28. Expressing what I think or feel is healthy, unless its unkind, then I should throw it out the bin.
  29. I really don't need much material things.
  30. If my future doesn't really work out the way I see it, then there's a better plan for me.
Do you have a list too? Share! I'd love to see it. 😊

Here's to a hopeful 2021!

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