11 ways that help me cope with lockdown or quarantine

It has been 73 days since I started my own quarantine, isolation, or lockdown, whatever you may call it. A quarter is about to end once again just like that... and not just like that. Days for me are long yet fast... One day I looked at the desk calendar and it was only March, then it's like I just blinked and looked at it again and it has already been 3 months. A lot has happened and a lot is still happening. Our country is still in community quarantine, and I don't think it will be lifted soon (and not a very good idea to do so). But here are 11 ways I've taken so far in order to cope with this lockdown, hopefully it may help someone.

1. Accepting things as how they are and working with what I have

I am a fan of improvements. If there's a process in place, I question how it can be done more efficiently and effectively. But. I've learned that I can only apply this with things I can control. And the virus, the pandemic, and how poor our government and healthcare systems are are things outside my circle of influence. So I let them be, and work on things that can be of help from my end.

2. Creating a routine… And then breaking it

In the beginning of quarantine, my mind was all over the place. And I just didn't like that feeling. So, I've set a routine early on. Wake up early, work at the appropriate time, eat lunch with family, write, pray, sleep early. While the world continues to spin out of its axis, I'm determined to keep my own pace, set my routine, and break it to encourage positive change.

3. Learning new things

I know, some of us are tired of hearing "unlocking new skills" this quarantine season, but what's better to do than worrying and ranting? That's right. Unlocking new skills. Learning something different. Growing while being stuck at home. Finishing a short online course on a subject I am interested in has been one of my favorite things this quarantine or lockdown. 40 long hours well spent if you ask me.

4. Endeavoring projects

If you don't know me already, I love planning, to do lists, spreadsheets, bullets, and the process of fulfilling and checking them out one by one. I think that's why I am in sales—I love giving myself a target and hitting it. (Thinking about it just makes me so happy.) Having a weight goal has pushed me to consistently work out and seeing results has kept me encouraged that I'm doing something worthwhile this quarantine.

5. Reading

I think this is self-explanatory. I read because it takes me to places. Since I was a kid, I've been traveling through stories and it has always kept me grounded. I try reading new genres nowadays; I think it comes with age.

6. Writing and reflecting

I'm writing this on paper, and then I'll type it later, or maybe rewrite it even. The first few weeks of quarantine or lockdown has been hard for me, and writing down how I feel, no matter how directionless it seemed, made me feel okay. I write to figure out, to understand, to know what could be wrong so that I can try to fix it. I really think it can heal.

7. Connecting with family and friends

I'm an introvert and I love my alone time. But this quarantine has given me fresh perspective and energy to spend time with family—and really spend time together. It has been the best thing this quarantine.

And though I only have a handful of very close friends, I terribly miss them. Video calls help, but I can't wait to hug them after this lockdown!

8. Giving

Giving when and where I can has helped me move this season. Knowing that there's so much need, whether it be financially, or emotionally when someone needs encouragement or prayer, or even just someone to talk to, I find myself giving and yet feeling being given more in return.

9. Balancing

I've always felt that I am a contradiction of things. I find myself doing creative things and yet I love organizing and to do lists. I don't like promoting myself nor my side gigs and yet I have public social media profiles and this blog, and I've always had both strict and spontaneous sides. I know how much I love and my emotional range and yet I find myself very cerebral that I can turn off my feelings. I love rules but I also love breaking them, questioning and challenging them, seeing how they can improve. I see parts of me on the very opposite ends of the spectrum that's why I keep balancing a priority, especially this season. If not, I just don't think I'd be sane.

10. Pacing

In the past few years, I've come to realize that I need to pace myself. I'm naturally excited about things (maybe because I grew up in a very bright and strikingly-colored part of the world), and being goal-oriented, I like ticking things off my list as fast and as efficiently as possible. Through the years I've been changing my pace best I could, trying to slow it down when needed, and it has proved to be helpful during this very time.

11. Practicing grace

This is still a challenge for me but if I compare how I'm doing now versus 10 years ago, I'd say I had improved quite a lot. Practicing grace first and foremost to myself this quarantine or lockdown has allowed me to practice it to people in my life. This allows me to be kinder, more understanding, and be more accepting. This year has been tough on everyone and grace, I think, is one of the most beautiful things I can give.

There you go, 11 ways that help me cope nowadays. Hoping it could help someone. 

If you need someone to talk to, write me here. I find my readers introverted like me and writing an email is best. Maybe that's you too. I'll reply, I promise. 💓