THANK YOU, 2018!

2018 was a blast! One of my best years yet! Here's a little recap of where it got me!

I'm honestly in awe of how things roll out not according to plan. Seriously. I only planned one sure trip this year but He didn't stop there. He led me back to the Netherlands, made me see the Eiffel Tower twice. He made me experience the train rides in between Germany and Austria which have left my soul filled. He led me back to Indonesia for the third time when I saw a new part of it. We made it to Calaguas Island for a much-needed girl time with friends. He brought me back in summer and made me see how gorgeous a European summer is and how I found home in Amsterdam. He made me fell in love with the beauty and ruggedness of Iceland and I'm eternally grateful to have seen the aurora borealis dance before me. Lastly, He brought me in Bangkok for the first time where I finally experienced eating pad thai in the floating market. I'm blessed with all the adventures and memories this year has brought, together with the people it has led me to. So much gratitude for this year. Can't wait for what 2019 has to offer!

BRING IT ON, 2019!

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