europe: graz, austria

Graz was a last-minute decision. I was supposed to go to Innsbruck and see the mountains but I didn’t buy my train ticket ahead of time so it got expensive when I tried to book it while I was in Bad Goisern. And for EUR9, my trip changed its course.

It was a small city, very walkable, and it reminded me of Old Manila. A little bit dingy, but European all the same. I met my friend Zoe (with a double dot in the e) here which made my stay comfortable.

Train Ride
Yup, I had my friend from Manila buy the ticket for me online (thanks Donn!) cos there was a glitch with either my cards, or the internet. It was 9 freakin’ Euros (my other rides were between EUR19-24).

Since I liked the room at A&O Salzburg Hauptbahnhof, I decided to stay in A&O Graz. The room had the same layout but a bit smaller. I asked to be roomed in a female room but the reservations got it mixed up so the night ended up quite interesting. I had lousy roommates (mixed). I was asleep at 8PM cos I was so tired, but then one roommate came in (staying for a couple of nights already) and he started to have some dinner music on. And then, some got drunk and were laughing out loud in the hallway at 12MN, and when they entered the room, they stank, so bad. That night was a nightmare. I got dressed at 4AM, readied my things, and asked to have a new room. Apparently, the female room was just the one next to ours. Matthjis the reception guy said sorry about the terrible roommates. (Thank you.) I had coffee at the lobby to cool off while chatting with my aunt. I got into the new room at 6AM and was asleep the minute my head hit the pillow. Oh, and there was terrible Russian girl roommate who kept on leaving in the middle of the night and answering phone calls too. I really wanted to punch her.

So there you go. Nights 1 & 2. 😅 Recommend it? The room yes, maybe, but not the roommates. Except if you have Zoe, of course.

Getting around Graz
Like I always do, I bought the day ticket for rides and museums but I did not find it worth it (maybe because it’s winter?). It’s called Joanneum and the only thing interesting was the Armoury. The Kunsthaus Graz had an architecture exhibit that time and nothing was in English. (Side story: When I was telling about it to Zoe she was laughing out because I said the word without the s in the middle and ended up saying a nasty word hahaha!) I went up Schlossberg and it had a nice view.

The Food
The only thing that revived me was the mocha at a small café called Il Cafe.

Travel video below!

Train rides are a must!
Really good mocha
Old Manila feels
This was the main square where I saw young love. Some things I'll never forget.
Inside the Armoury
Up in Schlossberg
Such simple luxuries - views so grand for free


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