europe: montpellier, france

Montpellier – The hideaway I found after the busyness of Paris. I found the little city in the South of France sweet and intimate, calm and restful. It found me tired and set me off restored and energetic. Still so grateful for the rest!

Booked directly on the Air France website for a flight from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport to Montpellier. I was the only Asian on the flight and my seatmate was a smiley lady who only spoke French. ;)

From the airport, I took the bus going to the city center (EUR4.20 for bus + tram).

Booked Fanny and Chris’ on Airbnb! They have 2 dogs Kim and Nina (yes, selling point to all dog lovers.) The apartment is on the 3 rd floor of an old, charming building near the city center. Very accessible via tram. Loved the warm welcome! Chris saw me struggling with my luggage and offered help (thank you so much Chris!). He also gave me a map and suggested places and activities. The room was big and bright and it has balcony and when the doors were open, I could hear the waves from the Mediterranean Sea.

Roaming Around
Montpellier is the city for everyone who loves walking. It is small with classic narrow European streets. I wandered around aimlessly – one street leading to another until you get to the city center. It is breezy yet cozy, old and charming. I just took photos and stumbled upon trinket after trinket. The quirky little city is best when you just need to explore without being hassled.

The Beach
I went to Palavas-les-Flots just to see water. I just missed the ocean. It is very laidback, perfect for a cup of coffee and lots of thinking. I just took the Herault Bus to and from city center (EUR2). Don’t let my lack of lengthy guide dissuade you from visiting this city. Sometimes it’s the silent moments during trips that really connects the place and our ever-wandering hearts. And with that, I’m pretty sure I left a piece of mine back in Montpellier.

Here's our photo shoot in Montpellier

Travel video below!

Saint-Clément Aqueduct
Porte du Peyrou
I bought films from 1920
“There is a certain unique and strange delight about walking down an empty street alone.” – Sylvia Plath
At Place de la Comédie
At Palavas-les-Flots
The Mediterranean Sea