lost frequencies

One of the greatest, most heartwarming compliments I've gotten was from doing this series. I've never really been the ultimate people person who would be the life of the party, but to hear that I could make someone feel like we're long lost friends the first time we meet is really something. It's always my pleasure to put my muses on ease and make them feel like they could be anything they want to be in front of my camera. I love hearing and sharing stories in between takes and while roaming, and making people smile the fake smile and laughing about it.

Taking photos would always be fun, but how you spend the time around it is much more important. Glad to spend time with this girl.

Portraits of Lyka Mea
For Life Inside The City and Steal That Shoot series


Life Inside The City is a series of portraits of young girls backdropped with the concrete city. It aims to show the flair and individualism of the feminine against the city life we are in.

The series started December 2014 and has continued to inspire since then. It has created an amount of demand that led to the Steal That Shoot series, a bargain shoot open to every girl and boy who wants to showcase their personal style aka ootd's.

This 2016, both series are on-going and looking forward for more people and stories. If you want to share who you are, feel free to drop a message at iragatmaitanphotos@gmail.com or use the contact form below. Hope you join us soon!