beauty in kohl [part two]

Celebrating the beauty of black, our sisters and brothers in their natural, earthy color, in light of what's happening in the world today. I know I may not, nor will not fully understand the hatred behind white racism against black because I'm also dark-skinned, or maybe because if I ever go to the US, I'd always be part of the 'minority', but I stick to the truth that I know that skin color does not determine one's mindset, attitude, and way of living.
Beauty, you see, for me, is and would always be color blind.


Portraits of Vani Obiakor
For Steal That Shoot series

Rejoice for what you are born with!


Life Inside The City is a series of portraits of young girls backdropped with the concrete city. It aims to show the flair and individualism of the feminine against the city life we are in.

The series started December 2014 and has continued to inspire since then. It has created an amount of demand that led to the Steal That Shoot series, a bargain shoot open to every girl and boy who wants to showcase their personal style aka ootd's.

This 2016, both series are on-going and looking forward for more people and stories. If you want to share who you are, feel free to drop a message at or use the contact form below. Hope you join us soon!