the city watching

Portraits of Sary Valenzuela
For Life Inside The City series

The city was hibernating one weekend. The roads that were typically filled and overflowing with cars were empty, silent, hibernating. This girl came, and the city watched. We hope it had a great rest day.

(Throwback photos of Sary here!)

Cray hair day! ;D


Life Inside The City is a series of portraits of different people backdropped with the city that has always been home to me since it adopted me three years ago. A love-hate relationship that we have, this city holds so many stories and endless possibilities against all its concrete. This series is our communion, the sharing of hearts and stories, dreams and visions -- you, me, and the city.

I am currently looking for very willing people who would love to join this project. Muses, photographers, stylists, makeup artists, and the all-around curious, happy, story-telling dreamers -- you are all invited. Let's learn from each other, create magic together, and make 2015 our best year yet!

You may drop a message at or on Facebook. To awe-inspiring photos!