wandering delights: craftsmith living

2015 is passing by so fast! And it definitely has a different vibe from last year. Is it me or you're feeling it too? It's such a hyper vibe so...

I'm starting a new series called Wandering Delights! I guess it will be about the good finds -- specialty stores (like this one right here!), interesting coffee with interesting interior, good food with character presentation etc. No exact plans for it but if anything delights me while I wander around, it will be up here!

Craftsmith Living. It was an assignment, really. (I hope I did hit the concept.) I learned about it during the Global Mala Project event last year, wherein we had a booth (The Farm at San Benito). Our booths were beside each other and I saw this very beautiful (and large) dreamcatcher in shades of blue and green with a tag that said sold. I kept on looking at it and touching it every 20 minutes or so until I dropped by their booth and saw all the wonderful books and cards they have. They all felt so homey and organic, like living backwards in time where everything was slow and delicate, I knew I would be visiting their store soon. So glad I did.

Huge thank you to Kaye who told the story about the little company (which I know will definitely make big this year -- asked them if they style weddings, not yet, but hopefully going there soon for all those who love the rugged, not-so-bright-and-commercial, homey, intimate, industrial style). Kudos to Kitty and Mia, the owners, who dreamt and raised the Filipino banner notably a notch higher!

You should drop by their small shop and hear the story from the team. It's much fun with personal interaction, don't you think?

Craftsmith Living | 2J Crown Tower, 107 H.V. Dela Costa, Salcedo Village, Makati City | 11AM-4PM (not so sure) Tuesdays-Saturdays | 8698022